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Find all 12 Days of Christmas Collector’s Bills and you’ll earn a 100 SB Bonus. OUR HIGHEST COLLECTOR’S BILLS BONUS EVER!

How Do I Get Collector’s Bills?

It’s simple. Search the web through Swagbucks search starting Monday, December 6th at 8am GMT through Friday. December 17th at 7:59am GMT and when you get a search win, you may get a special Collector’s Bill valued at either:

  • 1 SB
  • 2 SB
  • 3 SB
  • 4 SB
  • 5 SB
  • 6 SB
  • 7 SB
  • 8 SB
  • 9 SB
  • 10 SB
  • 11 SB
  • 12 SB

What happens when I get a Collector’s Bill?

When you get a Collector’s Bill you’ll receive the value of the bill and the bill will be added to your “Collector’s Bill” ledger. Collect all 12 Collector’s Bills and you’ll instantly earn a 100 SB Bonus!

Is it possible to collect the same Collector’s Bills multiple times?

Yes, you could collect any of the Collector’s Bills multiple times.

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